Day 117. Am I cursed?

Thursday I had my microwave replaced. A month or so ago I had noticed that the “1” button didn’t work. After trying some other buttons it was discovered that about half the microwave didn’t function. Never knew that could happen, but somehow it did. It took some time but the maintenance guys finally came over, saw that it couldn’t be fixed, and ordered a new one.

The thing that I find odd, is that in my last apartment I also had to get that microwave replaced. That time, however, was because a hole had been burned into one of the side panels. Not sure how that happened either.

Am I cursed with microwaves? I know I used to drop technology all the time (phones and cameras), maybe my bad luck with that has transferred over to microwaves. At least I’ve lived in apartments both times and they fix it for me, have to say that’s really nice!

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