Day 122. Rawrr

I made chocolate chip cookies last night. Randomly thought about them, decided I wanted some, and baked some up. Adult life amazes me sometimes.

Yesterday, two of my coworkers and I started talking in Southern accents. It was awesome. We just talked like that for 20 or 30 minutes. It was interesting because with the accent came a whole new way of speaking. It was like we were becoming completely different people. One coworker soon became a moonshiner, she offered us some of her fresh brew. The other coworker offered to make us some fresh, homemade lemonade. It makes me so happy that my coworkers are open and willing to talk in accents. Now if we can just get the last coworker to join in…she’s way too scared to try. She’s too afraid of failing that she just sits there and watches us. I wish she would try, I keep telling her that she doesn’t have to be perfect, because we aren’t. And that if she tries she’ll get practice and practice will make her better. Maybe one day…

Today we tried to draw the United States and all of the states. My outline of the country was okay, until I got to Florida where I made it way bigger than it actually is. Drawing in the states was even harder, although I did get most of the West coast. One coworker decided it would be better if we printed out the outline and then we just filled in where each state was instead of having to draw it in. I like that idea, we’re gonna try that tomorrow.

Having these little moments in between doing work is quite nice. It’s great to take a break (or in this case we have nothing to do) and do something fun and challenging. We’ve written down the state capitals before and state abbreviations. What will we think of next?!

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