Day 124. Who knows what to write about…I don’t.

I can’t think of anything to write about and it’s already 10:15 pm so this is going to have to do.

I re-organized my little storage room today because I’m that crazy. I rarely go in there, and if I do it’s usually just to retrieve my bike, but it was driving me nutso so I moved stuff around. It looks better at least. And it makes me think I did something productive today so that’s good.

I honestly don’t even know what I did for most of the day. Pinterest took up a decent portion of it I think. And I did watch a few TV shows. I chatted with Gene’s family online for a bit to make sure we’re ready for our trip in December. We’re going on a river cruise in Europe. I’m so excited for it, I’m ready for the time to be here already. Although I do want to have a Thanksgiving first!

Anyone know of a really good, fairly light-weight coat? I am thinking about getting a new one. I want it to keep me really warm, be fairly cheap ($50 or less) and not weigh much. Is that possible? I’m gonna go to REI tomorrow I think and see if they have anything, although their products usually seem to be expensive.

I’m cold and a bit sleepy so I’m going now. See you tomorrow.

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