Day 125. Trip to REI

This afternoon I borrowed my dad’s car and took my and Gene’s bikes to REI. Mine is due for a tune up and Gene’s back tire was completely flat. A couple of hours later and Gene has new tires and my bike is in the shop.

I like REI. There are a select amount of employees there that pretty much know everything. The main guy that helped us today knew everything we needed to know about bikes. And he was helping other people with snow gear stuff too. It’s nice to go to a place and know that all my questions will be answered and they’ll be answered correctly. The people at Walmart or Target would have no idea if I had questions.

REI, at least in the bike shop, has very good prices too. The actual products they sell seem to be a bit pricier, but they also seem to be top quality. I saw some cool ultra light backpacking med kits there today. Going to have to put that on my wishlist. Whenever I go into REI it makes me want to go camping, or snowshoeing, not many stores can inspire me to do those kinds of things.

The people are super helpful there too. We asked them a lot of questions. They showed us a lot of product. And they were doing this for other customers too. It just shows me that REI is a good store and I plan on shopping there many more times.

I got my bike from them and I have had zero complaints in the six months I’ve had it.

Thanks REI for being awesome.

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