Day 128. A few of my favorite things.

Welcome to the new, updated version of What I like Wednesday. I will be making this a biweekly (every other week) post instead of a weekly one. I will generally feature three of my favorite things at the moment but on occasion it may be less.

  1. Faceted Terrariums | west elmTerrariums. One of my coworkers mentioned a couple of weeks ago about how she wanted to make some terrariums. I’ve seen pictures of terrariums before and have seen a few succulent ones at garden stores, but I’ve never owned or made one. We started googling terrariums and I got really interested in them. I even made my own terrarium pinterest board. Some of these terrariums are insanely cute. I’m not sure where these people get the tiny animals and people but I’m going to be on the lookout for them. I plan on making a few someday. Wouldn’t they be cool presents too? You can even make them self sufficient if you make them in sealed containers.
  2. Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast. My friend, Edward, recommended this podcast to me when he visited this summer. It is my favorite podcast at the moment. It’s a podcast by two women who discuss all different kinds of topics. I’ve listened to stuff about Halloween costumes, women prisons, and the differences between men and women when it comes to memory. They also have produced podcasts about women in the workplace, how we should negotiate our salaries, what it means for different women to balance work and home life. And they recently did a few podcasts spotlighting women in science fields. I haven’t listened to those yet but I’m pretty excited to hear them!
  3. Portal 2: Lab Rat. While looking up information about Chell, the main character in the Portal games, I came across this comic. It’s a two part online comic that is free to read. The story takes place in between the two Portal games. It helped solidify and explain the story. The artwork is great, so much is told in so few panels. I’m oddly fascinated with the whole Portal world so this was a fantastic find for me. If you’re interested in Portal as well, read this short comic and tell me what you think.

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