Day 130. Fun Fact Friday: November holidays

This  Fun Fact Friday I’d thought I’d list a few really cool holidays and celebrations that go on in November. I really should have done this first so everyone had time to plan accordingly if they wanted to take part, but, that didn’t cross my mind until just now. So, use this list for next year!

  • November 3rd: National Sandwich Day. Sandwiches are such a common thing in our lives but imagine a time when they didn’t exist! Have a sandwich today and appreciate the ease of making, transporting, and eating one.
  • November 15th: America Recycles Day. Whether you believe in recycling everything or recycling only certain things, this is a day to be more aware. To donate rather than trash. To reuse.
  • November 16th: Button Day. I enjoy looking at buttons. They can be small, they can be big. They can be such amazing colors. They can be in really cool patterns or shapes. Buy a button today and enjoy.
  • November 17th: Homemade Bread Day. The smell of fresh, warm bread. The taste of soft, chewy bread. Yes, I like this day a lot already.
  • Black Friday: Buy Nothing Day. I REALLY like this day. It’s an international “day” and it focuses on our problems with buying too much. I think this is a great day to “celebrate”.
  • November 21: World Hello Day. This day was started to help promote peace. You are supposed to say hello to at least 10 people today. That should be simple, I think. Remember to smile!

And, we can’t forget that November 22 is Gene’s birthday. Hey, that’s today! Yay Gene for turning another year older! Today is a great day to celebrate.

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