Day 132. Happy birthday to me and Kaitlin!

Today, Kaitlin and I officially turn 25 years old. We are now a quarter of a century old. That’s a pretty significant number. And it means I can rent a car and not be charged a lot of money. That’s a plus!

For the past few months, whenever anyone has asked me how old I am (which surprisingly has happened quite often) I’ve been telling them 25. I don’t even realize that I’m telling them a lie, my mind fully believes I’m 25 when I tell them that. And then seconds later I remember that I’m not actually 25. But why admit that to them? They don’t care. They don’t need to know.

So I’m pretty relieved that from now on I won’t be lying to anyone when I say “I’m 25.” At least for the next year.

I think this year has been full of highlights and productivity. Below is a list of my favorite parts of me being 24.

  • Having dinner at The Melting Pot for the first time. That place is delicious and fun, I will definitely return.
  • Visits from friends and family throughout the year. Got to see so many awesome people this past year! So glad you all got to come see me.
  • Getting to snow shoe for the first time. May not have been ideal but it was fun enough that I want to go again.
  • Attending Denver Comic Con and dressing up as Steampunk for the first time.
  • Buying and caring for house plants. There’s been a lot of ups and downs with these plants but the majority of them are still alive so that’s pretty awesome.
  • Hanging out with coworkers outside of work. Got to really start bonding with some of my coworkers, makes work much more enjoyable.
  • Becoming a moderator of r/AuroraCO and starting to attend monthly game night.
  • Trip to Texas. Getting to see some of my favorite family members.
  • Going on lots of hikes. I’ve been really lucky this year in how many hikes I’ve gone on. Most of them were fantastic. Lawn Lake is still probably my favorite. Yay for hiking!

I’ve been very privileged this year in being able to do so much. Twenty-four was a great year for me. I think I really took control of my life in the aspect that I did things. I did something almost every weekend, even if it was small. I’m proud of that and I aim to do the same thing as a 25 year old. Have suggestions for what I should do this year? I’d love to hear them!

googlebirthdayimageLook, Google had a special design for me today! What a nice thing to see the morning of my birthday!


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