Day 133. Birthday celebrations

2013-11-24 12.42.12Yesterday I took a trip up to the Garden of the Gods with some of my family members. I think it was a great way to start off my birthday. Although the weather was terribly cold, the gardens were beautiful, which made the temperature almost bearable. I had never seen the pink rocks with snow on them before so it was cool to be able to experience that. I’ve been there in the spring and the winter, one of these seasons I’ll have to go in the fall and summer, see what it looks like then.

2013-11-24 12.46.43I got to test out my new camera with all the lovely views. I think the pictures turned out well and I have to say I’m still happy with my purchase. It was a tad difficult to snap pictures with two pairs of gloves on so I might have to look into some new pairs to make picture taking a bit easier.

Before heading into the gardens we stopped at the visitor center. It was the first time I’d been in there so I was glad to go (it was also nice and warm). I learned that Rocky Mountain sheep’s horns can weigh up to 30 pounds! That means that sometimes their horns weigh more than their entire skeleton. My dad pointed out that that would be a really bad headache.

My dad's office!
My dad’s office!

After walking around Garden of the Gods for over an hour, we grabbed some quick lunch and then got to visit my dad’s work. He works nearby and none of us had seen his office before so it was a lot of fun to be shown around. Most of his employees have very bare cubicles, they haven’t decorated much. But I did see a fair number of comics and jokes printed out, which was funny.

We headed back to Denver where we started to watch The Hobbit before dinner. Kaitlin and Kevin eventually arrived and we had my chosen birthday dinner: spaghetti in a wine and tomato sauce with vegetables and chicken. It was so delicious, the perfect meal for me!

A little bit later we opened presents! I got some things that I wanted; including the “What does a fox say?” shirt and some Rain-X! It was a great birthday. Thank you to everyone who participated.

A couple of days earlier, it should be mentioned, I also got a card from my best friend, Elisabeth! It’s this awesome homemade card and it’s sitting on my mantelpiece right now. The envelope said it was Part 1 so I’m excited for Part 2 to come!

I think 25 is going to be a fantastic and eventful age!

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