Day 135. The power of words.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about words and the power they hold. Both the written and the spoken word can emit strong emotional responses. But words are nothing until we give them meaning. Until we decide to react. I’ve been rereading one of my favorite science fiction series and it got me thinking. It amazed me how involved and immersed I was in the story and it wasn’t even real! I care for these characters and what happens to them, and they don’t even exist. In fact, I even know what’s going to happen to them since I’ve read the books before, but rereading them still elicits emotion from me.

And it’s not just that series either. Most books I read can evoke emotions. A great author can make a reader weep, laugh, and gnash his teeth.

The spoken word is much the same. Someone can call me a name or attempt to belittle me and even if those words are not true, I could still feel sad or angry or embarrassed. Even if I know that I am not who the person says I am, those words can still hurt. A speech can inspire people to act or cower in fear.

I feel like I’m not explaining myself fully but I’m afraid the words just aren’t coming out that easily. How funny, right?

I think I’m trying to say that languages are fascinating, which in turn means that the cultures who create these languages are fascinating. People are amazing, coming up with sounds and pairing meanings with those sounds. As a child I’ve tried multiple times, casually, to come up with my own language. And each time I’ve failed. Because it’s hard and it doesn’t come naturally to me. Knowing this makes me impressed at how right now words are pouring from my mind to the keyboard. I’m not even thinking about it much and sentences, grammatically correct sentences (I hope), are being typed as I think. It’s pretty much an instant process. I don’t have to think about each word because I just know it.

It makes me impressed that our world has so many languages. It makes me impressed that even though throughout the United States we all speak English, there are different accents and possibly different ways of saying things. We speak the same language but we say different phrases for the same meaning. How intriguing!

I think I’m going off the original topic now but that’s what free flowing thought will do to you. Words and languages are interesting and brilliant and I hope some of you were able to follow what I was trying to say. Words can be so tricky but so beautiful and powerful. I love it!

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