Day 139. Personalized shoe!

A little backstory, about a year ago I mailed off a pair of converse shoes to my two best friends and asked them each to paint/draw on the shoe they were given. Well it has taken a year but I got the first one back! I’m so excited, I have to share this with you guys!

2013-12-01 19.24.44


2013-12-01 19.24.37


2013-12-01 19.24.52


Isn’t that fun?! I originally thought I would wear the shoes but now I’m worried if I wear it I’m going to mess up the paint. However, I will at least wear them once because I just have to! I will likely be getting the second one in April so I’ll take pictures of them on my feet after that.

Yay for awesome friends who are willing to do this for me! I love how it’s colorful and fun, two things I enjoy a lot! Thank you Elisabeth for making this lovely shoe!

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