Day 140. Other gifts received

2013-11-30 16.17.15I forgot to mention yesterday that along with the shoe came a few more birthday/Christmas gifts from my dear friend Elisabeth!

She got me a gorgeous Doctor Who blanket (which I am cuddled in right now actually). It’s so big and blue and warm and fuzzy. I keep trying to set it up on the couch so I can see part of the police box. Hehe.

Her mom also threw in a….perfect gift for me, a Disneyland Tower of Terror pin. I say perfect because it captures my feelings towards the ride so completely. The pin has two elevator doors that open up to reveal Stitch cutting the elevator’s rope. This tiny little pin brought back all the frightening memories that ride provided me. Thank you, Becky for sending this! Although it may sound like I don’t like the pin, I like it quite a lot. Next time I’m in Disneyland I’m going to wear this with pride (although I will not be returning to the Tower). In the meantime I will find a place to show off this pin.

2013-12-01 19.35.35Elisabeth also lent me the movie, Newsies, since I have never seen it. I’d like to watch it either sometime this week or this weekend. Looks like it’ll be something I’ll enjoy.

She was also kind enough to give Gene some awesome chocolate dice and a really cool condiment gun. You put mustard or ketchup in it and you can squirt it on stuff! I am super excited to try it, even if technically it’s not for me. 😀

Thanks again Elisabeth for some awesome gifts!

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