Day 142. A few of my favorite things.

  1. Advent calendars: Last year, Lydia sent Gene an interactive, online advent calendar. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching the little scene each day. This year he got another one! This one is set in England in a large mansion like that in Downton Abbey. So far it’s been fun too, just last night we got to make our own flower arrangements.  Gene even made one! The scenes are so pretty to watch. It’s a very nice addition to the holiday season. I’m not sure where Lydia gets these, otherwise I would include a link, but I’m sure if you’re interested you could find it on the internet. It’s all computer based. Each day there is either a scene or an activity to do.
  2. Gas fireplace: Last night I turned on the gas fireplace. Not only is it a beautiful site but it actually cranks out a lot of heat, at least in the very near vicinity of itself. I sat by it for a few minutes and enjoyed the warmth flowing out of it. It was on this morning too before I went off to work. Why is it so cold? The high today was 10 degrees, how is that even right? That’s just not right. When will winter be over? Rawrr.
  3. Rocket tea infuser: I actually got this for Gene’s birthday because he likes tea and I thought spaceships were cool. I don’t drink tea very often, if at all, but I might try some now with how awesome this strainer is. There are some really neat tea infusers out there. ThinkGeek has some neat ones, Amazon too. Never knew there was a whole geek market for tea infusers but I guess there is! Now I’m starting to wish I drank more tea!

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