Day 143. I made some ornaments!

2013-12-05 08.07.09This past weekend I went to a childhood friend’s house and made some ornaments. She provided pretty much everything: the glass ornaments, fake snow, glitter, and paint. I brought some of my own paint as well, although they weren’t Christmas colors (as you can see in the pictures).

I had a lot of fun! I’ve never decorated these kinds of ornaments before. I made a few different ornaments: snow, snowman, pompoms, and paint. The painted ones were the most fun to make but they were a bit tricky. We used acrylic paint with a bit of water. Sometimes I put too much water in the ornament and sometimes I put too little, so it was a guessing game. But in the end most of my ornaments turned out so beautiful. I wanted to make a glitter one but we couldn’t really figure out the glitter with the paint. My friend used some Modge Podge, so I’ll see how hers turns out and then possibly try it on my own.

2013-12-05 08.07.50It was nice to be able to get together with her because I might not have tried out these ornaments on my own. And it’s always pleasant to hang out with old friends. I got to meet her 14 year old cat and see her awesome town house.

Once again, I like this season (besides the snow and the cold).


2013-12-05 08.07.29

2 thoughts on “Day 143. I made some ornaments!

    1. Yeah, I really like the puff balls! I tried finding some to make more but I couldn’t. Not sure where Kellie got them but I picked some regular Christmas-y ones up at the Dollar Tree so we’ll see how those turn out!

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