Day 145. Updating the apartment

2013-12-01 19.32.30For the past couple weeks or so I’ve been wanting to reorganize my apartment, get rid of clutter, and make it look nicer. Sadly I don’t really want, or can, spend a lot of money right now so I can only make small changes when it comes to updating the look. That is why I made the crayon art a week ago, so I can hang that up. Gene also had a picture of outerspace that I wanted to hang up so I finally did that a few days ago.

I also put up a Chinese lantern that Lydia had bought at a garage sale when she last visited. I bought a light from the Dollar Tree, duct-taped it into the lantern, and hung it. I might end up moving the lantern higher up but I’ve only had it there for a bit so I’ll give it some more time.

I like the crayon art and the picture, I think they go together pretty well. I’m now thinking that I should make three more crayon art pieces and put them above my bed, under the long picture.

I’m excited to update my apartment and I’d love to hear any ideas if you have them!

2013-12-01 19.32.34

3 thoughts on “Day 145. Updating the apartment

    1. I used fishing line, yarn, and tacks. It’s not the prettiest thing and it’ll need to be changed. I have some hooks so I might screw one in and then tie it the fishing line around it. We’ll see!

  1. the two pictures do look really good together! and the lantern is pretty! good for you! you’ve got a knack for decorating!

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