Day 147. Pizza cones

2013-12-09 20.01.32A couple of months ago I ordered a pizza cone kit from a woman at work (for a kid’s school fundraiser). I’ve had it sitting in the freezer for a few weeks now and tonight Gene and I finally made them.

Well, really Gene made most of them. When I came home from work he had finished the majority of them and I just finished four of them off. The kit comes with the pre-shaped dough, cheese, pepperoni, sauce, and cone holders. From what I could tell, it was very simple to make.

They were tasty too, and a nice change to a regular dinner. It’s great when all the ingredients are already there and I just have to put them together. I imagine that one could make his own pizza cones without a kit, but I think I’m a bit too lazy at this point to try that out. Look at all that melted cheese. The cheese at the very bottom was my favorite part. Yum.

So if you are ever persuaded to look at a kid’s fundraiser brochure then ask if it’s from  Little Caesar’s, because that’s where this came from. I’m glad I tried it out!

2013-12-09 20.01.40


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