Day 149. Lonely skittle

So for a few months now, maybe 3, maybe 4, this one skittle has been on the floor in the warehouse. It’s just sitting there by a beam, hanging out. I find it interesting because I wonder if someone else has noticed this lonely candy. And if they’ve noticed it, do they wonder if someone else knows? And why have neither of us picked it up?

It’s really not that interesting, but for some unknown reason I catch myself looking for it when I pass by. I guess I’m just amazed how no one cleans up that area. That’s a bit sad, yes? And how could the person who drop it not know he dropped it? I’m assuming it’s pretty obvious when a skittle falls from your bag or your hand. But perhaps I’m wrong and the person who lost it will never know that they missed out on that last skittle.

Of course, it is still there…