Day 152. More craft time

Today I had two of my coworkers and my sister, Kaitlin, come over to have lunch and decorate some glass Christmas ornaments! It was a lot of fun but now I am pretty tired.

I bought a roasted chicken and made some green beans and potato casserole. Kaitlin brought over some crescent rolls and cookies and one of my coworkers brought over a peppermint pie from Village Inn. All of the food was delicious, I was pretty surprised that there were leftovers. I’m thinking everyone was too polite to get seconds. Maybe they’ll learn the next time they come over!

We all made some really cool ornaments, I should have taken some pictures but I was too engrossed in the day to even think about it. I will take some pictures of the ones I made and post them up either tomorrow or later on in the week. I had pom poms, tissue paper, fake snow, lots of paint, ribbon and bows. I think eventually I could make these ornaments and either sell them or give them away as presents.

And now I am off to some dinner and possibly quick shopping. Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday!

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