Day 153. Celebrating a friend’s birthday

Today I spent time with a friend I’ve known since 7th grade. Her birthday is this month so she had a party tonight at Red Robin. I spent the afternoon with her before the party where we got our nails painted and shopped at a mall for a bit.

I had my nails painted a dark purple. I was originally going to get a turquoise crackle on top but that nail polish was dry so the woman trashed it and I just did the purple. It still looks good, but I do wish they were more aware of the quality of their nail polishes. I’m not a huge fan of nail places and it just seems like every time I go I get more evidence to dislike them. Although the place we went today didn’t really smell horrible like most places I’ve been, so at least that was nice. My friend, Dana, got a black base with gold crackle. It looks cool and makes me want to buy a crackle nail polish. If only I wore polish more often, then maybe I’d actually have a reason to buy it. Perhaps another time.

Goodness me the mall was crowded. I really shouldn’t be surprised but I guess I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t go to malls often enough to think about these things. Amazingly, however, we found a parking spot right at the front. I mean, it was a handicap spot and then our spot. Both of us were so amazed, we could not believe our luck. It was the very first aisle we went down, how insane is that?! Dana got her make-up done at Macy’s and we walked around a bit. Her make-up looked so beautiful, her eyes popped.

Then we had dinner at Red Robin with 11 other people. I think it was a great turn out and I had a good time.

It’s good for me to get out every once in a while and meet new people and talk to old friends. Helps keep me sane. 🙂


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