Day 155. R.I.P. to my plant

The first plant I bought here is dead.

Or at least it’s dying.

It’s been dying for a month or so now, so I’m not really sure what’s going on with it.

But it’s definitely not living. It’s in more of an in-between stage. It’s wilted and droopy and ugly.

It happened all of a sudden on the first really cold day of the season. But the plant was inside, so it surprised me a bit. So I figured that with a little heat and water it would perk right up again.


It has not come back from that one day. It’s just gotten a bit worse. I finally took it outside a few days ago so it could die out of my sight.

My other plants are doing fairly well. The aloe vera has just shot up in the past few weeks. Perhaps I really didn’t need to water it as much as I did. I don’t remember the last time I water my plants. I’ll do it before I leave for the cruise and I think they’ll be fine.

Overall I’ve done well with the plants I got this summer. Once the weather warms up again I think I’ll separate the succulents I have and get actual succulent “dirt”. It’s a learning process, but what isn’t?

So it’s okay that the first plant I got is dying. It had to die sometime. It was nice while it thrived but now it’s time for it to go. Thanks first plant,  you did great!

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