Day 157. Wall E Diaper cake

2013-11-28 11.50.09About a month ago I had one of my coworkers make a diaper cake for me. One of Gene’s closest friends had a baby in November and I wanted to get them a gift. My coworker makes amazing diaper cakes. She puts a lot of time, thought, and care into them which makes them look so awesome. Knowing this, I decided that I should ask her to make one for me. I learned that the baby’s room was going to have a space theme so I asked my coworker to do either a space diaper cake or a Wall-E one since that movie is set in space. She could not find much space items so she ended up going with Wall-E.

It turned out so adorable! She even got some shoes and put a fake plant in one of them, like the movie! I am so pleased with the results. I shipped it off to Washington without a problem. It arrived there in one piece and still looked great! This was the first diaper cake that she made that has ever been shipped!

I wanted to share because I think it took a lot of talent to make this. If you’re in the Denver area and ever need a diaper cake then let me know and I can get you in contact with her.

Isn’t it cute?!

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