Day 158. Christmas Party!

Last night I went to a dueling piano bar with Gene and some of his coworkers for a little Christmas get together. I had such a fun time. It was the first time I had met the coworkers and I have to say every single one of them was friendly and nice to me. It might have helped that they all had had some drinks by the time I arrived. Gene’s company bought drink tickets for everyone, even the significant others, which I thought was very thoughtful. And I actually tried a drink! I had a Pineapple Express which had Smirnoff sorbet light lemon vodka, Bacardi pineapple fusion, and pineapple. It was pretty tasty.

The piano guys were cool and funny. You could request songs and the more money you gave with your song the sooner they would play it. The last song we listened to before Gene and I left was “What Does the Fox Say”! I thought it was the perfect ending to the evening. One of Gene’s coworkers volunteered to go up and help sing the song. She was told to make the fox’s sounds. The hilarious thing of it was that she had never heard the song. So she had a difficult time coming up with sounds. It was so funny and she seemed to have a good time.

After that Gene and I picked up some Taco Bell since I hadn’t eaten dinner. It was a great evening and I’m so glad I went!

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