Day 160. Lots of neat things

2013-12-20 21.48.14(Today I am arriving in Budapest, Hungary and will get on my ship!)

This past week I have gotten a lot of goodies and gifts and I wanted to share them with you. On Wednesday, Gene and I had dinner with my parents. They wanted me to open a Christmas present before I left since I won’t be there on Christmas day. And guess what I got?! They got me some nice warm socks for my trip! I am so excited about these because the wool socks I have now are starting to wear down a bit and they aren’t as warm as I would like them to be. So I will definitely be wearing these this week!

They also got me a gift card to Microcenter so I could buy myself a camera case! Yay! I went there right after dinner and got myself one. My camera fits in so nicely and the case is waterproof. I’m very happy with my choice.

Then, on Thursday my manager got me an oven mitt, cookie cutter, Santa hat headband, and some homemade cookies. My coworkers also got the same. My oven mitt is so cute, I can’t decide if I should keep it out year round or only take it out at Christmas. The cookies are delicious as always. I think one coworker may have eaten most of hers that day! We all wore our headbands the rest of the day too. It was fun to have people tell me how much they liked my hat.

I also got some Italian cookies, pizzelles, from an awesome lady in the warehouse. She only gave some to me, which made me feel very loved and that my work ethic has actually paid off. And besides that, the cookies are great! They have this slight lemony taste, I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. I’m thankful that I was able to try something new and like it!

And finally, on Friday I drove Gene to work and he ended up buying me a fantastic lemon muffin for breakfast. Oh my goodness it was so delicious and so big. I might have to start driving Gene to work more often. 😉

The cool day didn’t stop there though, I had a breakfast burrito waiting for me courtesy of FedEx and then I had some egg rolls later that someone had made by hand. I also participated in a white elephant gift exchange where I got a someecards desktop calendar. That is such an awesome present, I’m so glad that’s what I ended up with!

What a lovely holiday I have been having!

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