Day 161. The Danube River

(Today I am in Budapest, Hungary and will get to tour the city!)

The cruise I will be taking is traveling on the Danube River.

This river is 1,775 miles long. The name comes from the Celtic language and can mean either “deep water” or “two waters.” It is the second largest river in Europe, the Volga is the only one longer. It is the only river in Europe that flows west to east.

The Danube River flows through more European countries than any other river. It flows through ten countries including Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania.

The river has been used as trade routes since its early history. Tribes used it to move goods such as salt and furs.

Along the river one can see many baroque-styled buildings. This means that the buildings are very ornate and dramatic. This style “ignored many of the rules of classical architecture and developed new, dynamic and expressive forms.” (The Danube, 9)

The land near the river is also known for its wine. Austria’s Wachau region is very well known for its wine. Some of the wines produced here are said to be among the best in the world. One will find mostly white wines when coming to this area and will only rarely come across red.

I am very excited to be able to cruise on this river and expect to see many beautiful sites!

My information came from a booklet entitled The Danube by the Viking River Cruises. I do not have a date as to when it was published.

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