Day 162. Facts about Hungary

(Today I will be in Bratislava, Slovakia)

I wanted to provide some information about the countries I will be traveling to, but I wasn’t able to do a post for all of them (not enough time). So enjoy the ones I am able to do!

  • Capital: Budapest ¹
  • Language: Hungarian (Magyar as the Hungarians call it) ¹
  • Currency: Hungarian Forint ¹
  • Albert Szent-Györgyi was the first person to discover Vitamin C¹,²
  • László József Bíró invented the ballpoint pen¹,²
  • Ernő Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube¹,²
  • On Easter, men sprinkle women with cologne. Originally they sprinkled them with cold water but the tradition has evolved since the beginning. The men also recite poems while doing this. I read one interpretation for doing this was that women would fade away if they weren’t doused with water. Another intrepration is that it represented fertility and cleansing rites. ¹,³
  • Hungarian cuisine includes goulash, a “stew of meat, noodles, and vegetables.” Paprika was also created in Hungary. ²

Information found in the below websites:




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