Day 166. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

(Today I am in Passau, Germany.)

2013-12-20 20.03.04
Pom pom ornament

I know that Christmas has already passed but I’d like to finally share the ornaments I made with my coworkers a couple of weekends ago. They are so much fun to make and virtually impossible to mess up. Anything and everything looks good.

First, I made an ornament with pom poms inside. I just shoved a few in there and closed the lid. Then I took a chopstick and dipped it in red paint and made dots all around the ornament. Then I took green paint and did the same. You can get any color pom pom and any size and I still think it would look cool. Sparkly pom poms, regular pom poms, whatever!

Holiday ornament
Holiday ornament

My second ornament I made had a variety of items stuff inside of it, aka my “holiday ornament.” I really like this one, I think it’s one of my favorites. I used red decorative filler, a few red and white pom poms, some fake snow, and a little red bow. I took two strands of the filler and cut them in half and put those in the ornament first. Then I added the pom poms and a bit of fake snow. I think the snow could have been left out because it’s a bit hard to see. I tied the bow around the ornament once I was done. I think this ornament could look good with red dots on it too but it’s still nice without any paint.

Modge Podge fabric
Modge Podge fabric

I made two other ornaments by modge podging tissue paper to one and fabric to another. These were a bit messy but pretty fun to make. I tore up bits of tissue paper, red and green, and stuck them all over the ornament. I was a little disappointed in the result of this one because it turned out darker than I wanted. I think that’s just because the tissue paper is so thin.

So that’s when I decided to try modge podging fabric to an ornament! I liked how this one turned out a lot. I cut up little strips and bits of fabric and just went at it. My hands got fairly sticky by the end of it, but I like the result. I plan on making some more of these next year with lots of different fabric.

Tissue paper modge podge
Tissue paper modge podge
Reindeer ornaments
Reindeer ornaments

Finally I made a few little reindeer on some smaller ornaments. I had seen this idea on Pinterest (see original website) and fell in love immediately. I think mine turned out adorable and I will definitely make more every year. It’s a great project for kids too. You just take your thumb, dip it in some paint (or use a paintbrush to spread paint on your thumb) and then press it onto an ornament. Let it dry a bit then take some red paint and make a nose (I used the chopstick again to do this but a small paintbrush would do just as good). Once everything is dry, use a sharpie to make eyes and some antlers. As the woman from Pinterest mentioned, they look cuter when the eyes are closer to the nose.

I had such a blast making all of these and look forward to doing more next year!

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