Day 167. The Name of the Wind: a review

(Today I am coming back home! I think I will sleep some.)

The Name of the Wind is a fictional book written by Patrick Rothfuss. It centers around a boy, Kvothe, who finds himself in a situation no one wants. The reader watches him conquer his troubles and head to the prestigious university. But more troubles find their way to him and he becomes entwined in many interesting circumstances and connected to many intriguing people.

The story is set in a familiar fictional world: a medieval type world where class is everything.Inns are common and hot baked bread and cheese is a staple of everyone’s diet. But there is something unique about this world: a type of magic exists. A magic that lets one bind things together. One could bind a piece of wood to a tree, for example, and when lighting the wood on fire, the tree would also alight. This may not be a new concept but I find it quite interesting. It pulls me into the story.

The characters in this book also pull me deeper. There are a few that I just do not understand. I cannot grasp who these people are, they elude me over and over again. They are so mysterious and abnormal that I hope they are in every scene so perhaps I can get a better glimpse into their minds. These characters are so interesting to me, the author did a great job making them multi-dimensional.

This book was so good that at times I dreaded reading it. I just had a feeling that something horrible was going to happen so I didn’t want to read. I continued however and am glad I did. Yes there are many sad parts but there are also many funny and warm moments.

It’s a long book, but I feel like there’s not much filler. Most of the words actually contribute to the story. I found myself not wanting to stop reading because it was so captivating.

The Name of the Wind is an emotional ride. The writing style is mature and flows so smoothly that the pages fly by. I recommend you read this if you like fantasy, magic, love, and adventure. It’s a well written book that grabs the reader from the beginning. Who could ask for more? I am excited that I finished the book and am excited to start the second book. Let’s see where it leads!

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