Day 170. Happy New Year!

Well howdy-do 2014, it’s nice to see you! I look forward to all the amazing goodies and experiences you have in store.

I hope everyone’s New Year’s Eve went well. I gladly went to bed before midnight and slept so wonderfully that I was actually able to be productive today! I picked Gene up from the airport around 4 pm today. It’s quite nice to have him back home, although he has already gone to bed. He had been up for 42 hours straight, which is way too long of a period of time, so I’m amazed he didn’t drop the moment we got home. The poor guy has to go to work tomorrow too! At least he’ll get over 12 hours of sleep, that should help him.

So, what are you all looking forward to this year? I’ve come up with a list of things I’m excited about and want to try this year and I wanted to share them with you. Maybe they’ll inspire you to make your own list!

  • Snow tubing: I didn’t get to go last year so I’m interested in trying to go the first quarter of 2014. I’ve only been tubing once and that was when I was in high school, I believe, so the memory is cloudy. If you’re interested in going with me let me know and we can try to set something up!
  • Korea: It’s happening! I am FINALLY getting to visit Asia, more specifically Korea and my awesome friend Sidney. I have wanted to go for quite a while now so this is a dream come true. Spring 2014 I’ll be heading to a country I’ve never been before. Yay! I am SO excited.
  • Hikes, camping, and Grand Lake: I definitely want to do more hiking and I’d like to try to camp once or twice this summer. Camping is a bit daunting to me, so that would be a good “fear” to conquer this year. I’m also really hoping to be able to spend a week up in Grand Lake again. I want to conquer Mt. Ida!
  • Zombie Crawl: Denver, as I’m sure other cities, has a zombie marathon in the fall every year. I became interested in it when I saw some pictures of quite a few impressive-looking zombies. I would love to participate next year as a zombie and get to chase people around!

Those are only a few things on my To-Do list this year as I’m sure I’ll add more as time goes on.  I’d love to hear your list and ideas if you have any!

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