Day 176. Christmas Cruise: Bratislava, Slovakia

2013-12-24 03.25.51Tuesday, December 24th, we got to visit Bratislava, Slovakia.

Before arriving there (we landed there in the early afternoon) the pastry chef held a demonstration about gingerbread. He and his team had baked probably a hundred gingerbread cookies and let guests eat and decorate them! They passed around the recipe, explained how to make the cookies, and then welcomed everyone up to take a cookie and ice it. That was a lot of fun and also very delicious. Gene even made one! I brought the recipe back with me so hopefully I can make it sometime, although it does require a food processor and I don’t have one. Hmm…

2013-12-24 07.07.58Once we landed in Bratislava we took a tour of the city. First we were taken up to a fortress that was in the middle of being restored. The outside was fairly pretty but, as the tour guide said, there was nothing inside. As always, the fortress was on a hill and from that hill we could see three countries: Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. I thought that was really neat because I’ve never seen three countries at once before. The view was fairly nice too.

2013-12-24 07.51.31We got a short tour of the main downtown after the fortress visit. This town was pretty cute. It was not crowded at all because it was Christmas Eve. In this part of Europe, people celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so most people were in their homes enjoying meals. I’m glad our tour guide took time out of her holidays to show us around. She told us about a laser that is shown in the middle of downtown, where the bars are. The laser bounces off of mirrors to point the way home. I thought that idea was awesome, but I wonder if everyone actually lives in the direction the laser points. Perhaps it just points to the main road or to some taxis. I’m afraid it was off at this time of year so we didn’t get to see it in action.

After the tour we explored a bit on our own before going back to the ship for dinner.

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