Day 185. Taco Tuesday was a success!

So pretty much no one knew that I went to a Taco Tuesday meetup this past Tuesday…

But I did!

Bit of background: I am a moderator for the subreddit AuroraCO. At the beginning of this beautiful new year I decided to ask the subreddit what they wanted to do. Someone suggested a Taco Tuesday meetup, so the details were set and I showed up.

It was so much fun! Only one other couple came, and the guy was the one who planned the thing, but that didn’t matter in the end. We got along so well that we already started planning the next meetup!

I was telling Gene that I’m really proud of myself because I wasn’t all that nervous to go to the meetup. A year ago, I would have been freaked out. And by “freaked out” I mean that for the whole week leading up to the meetup, I would have been stressing. That didn’t happen this time, and I realized that the past few times I’ve done things out of my comfort zone, they haven’t been as far out as they used to be. So I just want to say that I’m proud I’m making progress and that it’s actually working out for the awesomeness. I hope that anyone else out there that is like me, a person who gets nervous with social situations, especially where you don’t know people, will be encouraged by my progress.

Do you know what I think helped the most? I made a New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of 2013 to have new experiences. I was so determined to do stuff that it allowed me to slowly get over fears. Will I still be nervous for some meetups or situations? Most definitely, that may never fully go away, but at least it’s diminished a little!

So Taco Tuesday was fantastic: the food was decent and the company was phenomenal. I’m excited for our next meetup! If you live in the Aurora, Colorado area, then check out our subreddit, we’d love you to get involved (shameless plug)!

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