Day 187. Day out

Today I watched the movie Frozen with my sister, Kaitlin.

I really enjoyed it! The music and songs were splendid. The graphics were gorgeous and the story was interesting. I thought that I wouldn’t like the snowman, Olaf, but I actually found myself laughing whenever he was around. The writers did a decent job not making him into a total buffoon.

I think the relationship between the two sisters was a bit unrealistic and the story moved along quickly at times but the majority of the movie was brilliant.

If you want something to watch for enjoyment and laughter and warm feelings then definitely watch this. The ending wasn’t the normal cookie cutter ending either, which was surprising, and nice.

The rest of the afternoon we hung out and shopped around a bit. I ended up buying a desk lamp at Target. It’s way too bright for my desk at home but I’m going to try it out at work before I return it. Kaitlin also gave me two lamps that she didn’t want anymore so they’re now sitting on my end tables next to my couch. I think they’re going to work out quite well!

Now I’m at home with some fresh made bread just out of the machine. I’d say this was a good Saturday.

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