Day 190. Bread bowls rock!

Gene and I made bread bowls tonight for dinner! I had never done that before and it was awesome!

2014-01-21 19.24.28Look, it’s a bread bowl! I made some bread this morning and had it set to be ready by 6:30. After letting it cool all I did was cut it in half and scoop out the middles.

2014-01-21 19.24.41Gene’s bread bowl with some delicious broccoli potato soup. Mmmmm, I can taste it just looking at this picture. These bread bowls really held the heat in, almost to the last bite was my soup still steaming.

2014-01-21 19.25.20My bread bowl, YUM! I made my bowl a little smaller than Gene’s so that the edges were thicker but there was no need for that, nothing seeped out of either of ours. Although I did eat all the soup, I was not able to completely eat my bowl. There’s just so much bread! Gene is still working on his bowl but I think he’ll  be able to make it. Half a loaf eaten in one day, that’s a lot!

We will definitely do this again, it was fun and tasty. Gene thinks we should try out other types of bread rather than white and I think that’s a great idea. Bread machines are awesome!




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