Day 191. Cord management

This past weekend Gene and I finally did something about the ginormous tangle of cords between our desks. I had been wanting to “manage” our cords for a few weeks so we finally stopped  by a Lowe’s and got some velcro strips.

With the strips in hand, I watched a video of different ways to fold your cords together, chose a method I liked, and went at it.

The end result? Well, it DEFINITELY looks better. I can actually see the floor now, which is amazing. But it still looks a bit messy. I’m not sure if there’s a way to correct that to my liking, but I’ll keep an open mind. Finding cables we need and switching stuff around should be much easier now too.

Gene suggested that I make a little curtain to go behind the shelf in between our desks so that we hide the cables even more. I like the idea and just have to figure out what color scheme I want to do. I’m thinking some pastel pinks and oranges?

What did I learn? Cord management is not really a good term for it. It’s more like “try your best and make some improvements but cords will never look awesome management”. At least that’s how it is in my apartment. I’m still happy with how it turned out though. And it only took me one hour!

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