Day 192. Being an adult

There are a lot of downsides to being an adult: bills, jobs, keeping up with a car, cleaning, etc, etc.

But there are also a lot of awesome things that come with being an adult.

I can do whatever I want!

I don’t actually think about that very often. But it’s really true! The last time I went to the grocery store I realized I could buy as much candy as I wanted. That blew my mind because I don’t think I had ever thought that before. If I want candy (and I have the money to afford it) I can buy it, whenever. All I need to do is go to a store, find the candy I want, and get it. That day I ended up buying sour patch kids and milk duds. Guess there’s not much candy I really want.

Yesterday, Gene and I made a milkshake for dessert. Why? Because we could! And you know what? I could totally make another one tonight if I felt like it!

Interesting how my two examples both deal with food. That’s probably saying something about my lack of discipline when eating but I think generally I actually eat pretty well.

Any other example I think of doesn’t really apply to me. I chose my own bedtime as a kid. I got to wear what I wanted to school. I did my own hair.

Still, being an adult is pretty cool. I have the capacity now to appreciate what I had as a child and to enjoy the pleasant moments I experience now. As long as I can still enjoy swinging, I’ll be good!

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