Day 196. Unspeakable Words: a game

Yesterday I played a game called Unspeakable Words. This game was featured on TableTop (watch episode here), so I was excited to give it a try.

Up to 6 people can play and one game lasts around 30 minutes. I played with four other people and had a fun time.

Unspeakable Words, obviously, is a word game. Each player has 7 cards with one letter on each card. Each letter is worth a certain point value, dependent on the number of points the actual letter has. For example, and “s” and an “o” are worth zero points while an “A” is worth five.

The object of the game is to score 100 points first before going insane. Your sanity is represented by 5 little Cthulus. Once you’ve lost all 5, you are out of the game.

After playing a word, you roll a 20 sided die to determine if you lose some sanity or not. If the number rolled is equal to or greater than the word’s total points, you are safe. If it is less, you lose 1 sanity (throw a Cthulu into the center). Whether you make the roll or not, you still score that word’s points. Players take turns playing words and scoring points until someone reaches 100.

There are a few more rules, including some optional ones, but that’s the gist of the game.

This was an entertaining, lighthearted game. If we couldn’t figure out how to make a word, we helped each other. We joked around about losing our sanity and incorporated our words into what was going on.

The game involves both a bit of strategy and luck. Do you play a high scoring word with the chance of losing sanity or do you keep it safe and risk rolling a high number?

It’s a game that any age can play, as long as one can spell. It’s fast to learn and fast to play. I wouldn’t mind playing this again at all.

It seems that the game is not readily available at the moment but I believe more will be coming out soon. So if you look up this game to get it and you see a $70 price tag, don’t buy it. Check your local game store and see if they have a much more reasonable, $20 copy. I don’t think I’ll purchase the game quite yet (I have Bananagrams to keep me occupied) but I think it could be great for those who like to buy loads of board games. If you get it, feel free to invite me over and I’ll play with you!

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