Day 197. Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid

5aa8c64426020385007832298261b6d3.jpgA few weeks ago, while watching Project Runway, I discovered that there is such a thing as a “color of the year”. Starting in 2000, Pantone, the ones who make the color sample book (although I don’t think they sell paint), decided to choose a color of the year. The color is chosen based on what Pantone thinks people are looking for, what color can help people. 

I feel like the method of choosing the color is a bit…silly, but nonetheless I love the idea of having a color of the year. So what if it’s chosen randomly, as long as it’s pretty I’m down.

This year the color is Radiant Orchid. According to Pantone, radiant orchid  is”an invitation to innovation.” Radiant Orchid “encourages creativity and originality. Imbued with a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and its rosy undertones emanate great joy, love and health.” (Source)

2.-trendkleur-pantone-Radiant-Orchid-wandI never knew one color could represent so much. Again, I feel like people are assigning color a more important role in life than it actually holds, but I can overlook that. Color is fun and this radiant orchid is starting to grow on me.

At first I wasn’t interested in the color. I generally tell people that I don’t really have a favorite color, except it’s definitely not purple. I loved purple as a preteen and teenager so once I got into college I basically swore it off. I had gotten sick of the color. But this radiant orchid, a variation of the generic purple, is looking nicer and nicer, so I wanted to share.

What do you guys think? Will radiant orchid accurately represent your year? What color would you have chosen?

2 thoughts on “Day 197. Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid

  1. that wall is gorgeous —- warm and happy and rich and friendly!! I hope no one wears it for lipstick or nail polish, though… somehow I just can’t see that. I might have to paint a wall!

    1. I loved the wall too. Maybe once I have a house I’ll have to paint a wall that color. I’ve seen a lipstick picture and it wasn’t attractive, but maybe some other person could pull it off.

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