Day 204. A brush with coyotes

This morning I went for a walk. I am attempting a 30 day challenge where I walk for 30 minutes every day. This is part two of my “Let’s be healthy the rest of my life” goal. Part one was eating the right amount of calories (which is still ongoing but generally is successful) and part two is getting active. This just means getting used to doing something in the morning instead of sitting at my computer until I have to work. Okay, so now you have some background info.

While I was walking today, I came across two coyotes. They were walking down to the path in the opposite direction of me, heading straight toward me. It took me a second to realize that there were two wild animals in front of me. I wasn’t sure what to do. At first I just stopped and stared but then I thought maybe I should be doing something else so I started walking backward. I thought that maybe I was supposed to act tough and confident, but I didn’t know how to do that all bundled up with my hands in my pockets. And I didn’t really want to make any noise in case they heard and decided they wanted to investigate. So I just kept walking backwards, slowly.

The coyotes never approached me, thankfully. They made a turn and went down to the ditch to the path that was below me. I watched them for a few minutes before continuing on my walk. Although a surprise, it ended up being a nice part of my walk. The myriad of times I have walked on that path I have never seen a coyote. I’ve seen plenty of squirrels and rabbits and only once two deer, but never a wolf or a coyote so this was exciting.

Hopefully I’ll see them again and will be able to handle myself a bit better. Sadly, this was the day I chose not to bring my camera but I won’t make that mistake again. In any event, the coyotes looked much like this:

Photo: A coyote finishes its meal

Now I can’t wait for my walk tomorrow. What will I see then?!



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