Day 217. Google and Lego team up

legobuildhouseThis past weekend Gene introduced me to an awesome program: Build With Chrome! It’s a program where you can build anything you want with legos. You choose from different colors and different pieces. I believe this was created in honor of the new Lego Movie but whatever the reason, I think it is awesome.

I don’t own any legos in real life, but I remember playing with them as a child and really enjoying them. So this is a great way for me to be able to play again without having to purchase the expensive colored plastic blocks (I mean come on, why are they so pricey?).

I’ve made a house (to the right) and a really whacked out cat. I was never good at building anything other than houses and gardens (although I did make a phone once using a manual) so it’s not surprising that my cat looks a bit weird. I’ve been enjoying this little break from adulthood and think everyone should play around with it at least once. I do wish that there were more options for the type of lego pieces because I would have really liked some tree pieces. Granted, I could always build my own tree now couldn’t I? Maybe I’ll go try that out today…

The possibilities are endless with legos.

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