Day 224. Trader Joe’s!

So Colorado recently got a new addition to the state: Trader Joe’s! Trader Joe’s is a special kind of grocery store. It has many organic items and items that you can’t find anywhere else. I had heard many good things about it, so once it opened I wanted to go check it out.

I got my chance this weekend while waiting for my glasses to have the lenses replaced (I had stepped on them a few weeks earlier and they were scratched). I had been warned that Trader Joe’s would be busy but it was better than I was expecting.

The store is smaller than I thought it would be but the selection is amazing. I got some European style yogurt (been looking for that for a few months now), turkey bacon, mac n cheese bites, some Indian food, and frozen asparagus spears. There was more that I wanted to get but I was afraid my freezer wouldn’t be able to fit it all. They sell meats, fruits, and vegetables as well but I opted to not get any this time. The fruits and veggies were organic so if you care about that kind of thing this place is probably for you.

They also had an entire section for alcohol. It was a separate store, interestingly, I believe because of Colorado law. So you’d have to buy your alcohol in the one store and then walk through the door into the main store and buy your food.

The prices were fairly decent and all the staff that I ran into were friendly and nice. I will definitely go back! My first experience at Trader Joe’s, although a bit crowded, was a good one!

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