Day 229. My printer is amazing.

I have had the same printer since I started college (2007). Maybe three or four years ago, it started popping up a warning on my computer that the toner was getting low. I ignored the warning over and over again until I think the printer just gave up and stopped telling me.

Well, it’s been three or four years and I still  haven’t replaced the toner. But you know what? My printer still prints just fine! I honestly  have no idea how in the world it does it. Did someone replace the toner without my knowledge? Is it because I don’t print that often so the toner has time to sink to the bottom again (or something)?

It’s a mystery, but it’s a mystery I’m not too interested in solving because who knows if it would lead to me having to actually replace it. If that day does end up coming,  however, I am lucky enough to have a replacement toner already! My sister, who had the same printer, got rid of hers and gave me the toner as a spare. Although I may not know exactly where it is at the moment, I do know I still have it and can find it if need be.

My point is, although this printer has caused me problems, overall it’s been an amazing and awesome printer and I’m so proud of it for continuing to chug on. Chug on, buddy, chug on!

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