Day 232. Daily life

Today I learned that someone at my work quit. It was a bit surprising because he worked in the same office as me, and generally this kind of thing doesn’t happen. Sure we have temp workers who just don’t show up, but for a full time employee to just quit and leave the same day is odd. So that was the highlight of my day.

I signed up for another reddit gifts exchange. I’m doing the snack exchange again. The person who got me has already mailed out my snack so I wonder when I’ll get it. I still need to buy my match some snacks so hopefully I can get to it this weekend. I just “ordered” some USPS priority boxes that should arrive in about a week so maybe I can use one of those boxes to ship out some food. Yay snacks! Does anyone know if there’s a Denver-specific or Colorado-specific snack? Other than something made in Colorado, like Celestial Seasonings tea, I can’t think of anything.

This weekend is time change. Although I’m not too keen on losing an hour of sleep, I’m quite excited to have the night come a bit later. Come on Spring, you’re almost here! I’m ready to sit out on my balcony and enjoy the warmth. At least tomorrow’s high is supposed to be above 50, that’s awesome! See you tomorrow, sun!

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