Day 235. Fun Fact Friday: Earth

A couple of weeks ago we learned about Venus. This week we get to learn about our planet, Earth!

Earth is the third planet from the sun, Mercury and Venus being the first and second. Earth is 93 million miles away from the sun, or one AU. It is the fifth largest planet in our solar system.

Earth rotates once in 24 hours, that’s our day. Remember how Mercury’s day is 59 of our days and Venus’ is 243 of our days? That’s a big difference! It takes Earth about 365 days to go around the sun completely, our year!

Earth, like Venus, is a terrestrial planet, but unlike Venus, it is also an ocean planet. Seventy percent of our surface is covered in oceans, that’s a lot of water. The atmosphere is made up of 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and 1 percent other ingredients, the right combination for us to live and breathe. This atmosphere does more than just allow us to live, however. It also protects life from the radiation of the sun and it burns up meteors as they hurtle toward our planet.

And, as we already know, Earth is full of diverse life. It’s a planet of amazing wonders and creatures. We’re very lucky to be living here!

So let’s do a very quick recap.

Earth, the third planet from the sun, has a short day of only 24 hours. It is a terrestrial planet and is the only planet in our solar system known to sustain life. Earth is a pretty cool place to live.

I got this information from NASA’s Solar System Exploration site and my own knowledge!

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