Day 236. I’ve got some news!

I have quit my job at Dish. Yesterday was my last day in the office. But let me rewind a bit.

About a month or so ago I decided to start casually looking for jobs. I had been getting bored at my job and knew that I wasn’t being utilized to my full potential, and that was just frustrating. So one weekend I applied to four different jobs. I believe it was two or three weeks after that when I got a call wanting to set up an interview. I figured why not, if nothing else it gives me more practice and I have the power here since I already had a job.

I scheduled the interview and went in Monday morning, two weeks ago. The group interviewed me, discussed among themselves, and offered me the job. That has never happened to me before so I was a bit surprised. I told them to give me a day to think it over before I gave them my answer. I thought about it, and decided that even though it may be scary (because change is), it would be a good move for me. It’s a place I can move up and around. It’s a place where I can do more, learn more, and help the community. It’s a place where I can potentially make more money, but not just that, I will likely have better insurance and retirement plans and, get this, I’ll get holidays off!

So that next Tuesday, I accepted the new job and gave my two weeks notice. It’s been a whirlwind two weeks with many different emotions, but I think it’s going to be worth it.

I haven’t said anything until now because it wasn’t until Thursday that I received the official offer. I have a more things to do but I can say that soon I will be working for the Denver Public Schools.

I will be working in an office, as an office administrator assistant, helping students get more involved in after school activities and athletics programs. The goal for my program is to get students more involved so they will be ready to enter the workforce after high school. I’m pretty dang excited and can’t wait to start sharing how it goes!

That’s all the news I have today, but I think it’s awesome news and am glad I can share it with you all!

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