Day 237. Cancelling Dish service

Now that I no longer work at Dish, my monthly TV bill has increased to almost $100. Obviously, I am against paying that much for a product that I use maybe an hour a day, if that. So yesterday, I called the Customer Care Specialist team to cancel my service.

Even before I called, I knew I was going to have trouble. Why wouldn’t I? These big TV and internet companies are all the same. They try to push and pressure you to keep the service, they will try anything and everything they can. So I knew it was going to be a horrible phone call and possibly a long one, but I couldn’t do it online (I already tried the week before) so I had to just make the call.

Thankfully I was only on the phone for 20 minutes, not the one or two hours I had thought it would be. But it was still just as horrible as I thought. Gene says I said something along the lines of “please cancel the service” 15 times. This phone call was like pulling a tooth that did not want to come out. Now, let me be clear, I don’t blame the woman I spoke with. I’m pretty sure she hated the phone call just as much as me because she could tell I wasn’t going to budge and her WHOLE job is to keep me. She has to say what Dish tells her to say, whether she wants to or not. So I don’t hate the woman, but I do really dislike Dish for forcing both me and her to go through this charade.

This is how I remember the conversation going:

Dish (D): Are you sure you want to cancel your service?

Lauren (L): Yes, I need to cancel. I don’t have enough money at this time to pay $100 a month. Unless you can keep my bill at $13 a month I want to cancel.

D: You know you will have to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel? You are in a 24 month contract.

L: Yes, I know.

D: Are you sure? I can do a $30 promotion for the next 10 months so we can take $30 off your bill. That’s saving $300.

L: No, I still need the service cancelled.

D: But that’s a $30 savings a month for 10 months. Are you sure?

L: Yes, I don’t want Dish.

D: Okay, how about if I give you a $50 deduction a month for 10 months. Now it’s only $30 a month.

L: No, I want to cancel my service.

D: Are you sure? The $50 promotion is the most I can give you.

L: No, that’s okay.

D: You’d be losing all your 250 channels and movie channels. What are you going to do? Have you signed up with someone else because you’ll have to sign another contract and you won’t get as good of a price.

L: No, I  haven’t signed up with anyone. I’m going to do without TV.

D: We can put your account on hold for up to 9 months. It’s only $5 a month and then we’ll turn it back on.

L: Um, no, that’s okay. I don’t know where I’ll be in 9 months so it’s better if I cancel.

D: Okay, the last thing I can suggest is that we transfer the service to a friend or family. Do you know anyone?

L: Oh my gosh, I actually do know someone but the problem is, his balcony is facing the wrong way. So it doesn’t work. Sorry, that would have been perfect but that doesn’t work.

D: So you really want to cancel your service?

L: Yes, please cancel.

D: Okay, I’ll cancel it.

This was a very simplified version of it. She said a lot more to try to get me to stay. I kept telling to cancel it and no, I didn’t want to keep it, but she just kept trying. It was very frustrating, especially knowing that she had to, because I’m sure someone will listen to our conversation and analyze what she could have done differently. The poor woman sounded so desperate throughout but I’m afraid there’s nothing she could have done since she couldn’t keep my bill as low as it was when I was an employee.

The point is, the people at Dish who decided this was how that woman should have spoken with me are horrible, terrible, people who should not be in the world. You are making my life and the representative’s life worse. It could have been very smooth but it had to go back and forth for 20 minutes because of you. That’s despicable.

Thankfully, somehow my early termination fee was waived so I’m only going to have to pay for shipping all the stuff back and then I will be done with Dish TV. Sorry Dish, but TV is not worth $100 a month, that’s just ridiculous. There’s not that many good shows on.

3 thoughts on “Day 237. Cancelling Dish service

  1. Wow. Given that Dish is based here, and you know where the warehouse is, is there not a place where you can drop off the equipment?

    1. I’m not sure where I’ll be returning the equipment to but if it is in Denver I’ll email Candy and see if I can just drop it off at the place.

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