Day 244. Bragging on our energy efficiency

Gene decided that he wanted to pay some of our bills with his credit card so I went onto the energy website to see if there would be a fee for him to do so (there is). While I was on there, I got to see our energy usage and how we compared to  others in our area. See picture below:



Look how efficient we are! We’re that blue bar at the top. I had no idea that Gene and I were that efficient with our energy usage. As Gene pointed out, it has a lot to do with him encouraging me not to turn on the heater or the air conditioner as much. He is very true in that statement, I’m sure that if I was living by myself my usage would be much higher. But he’s helped come up with ways to keep me warm or cool without having to use our thermostat. Go us for being awesome and being more efficient than the efficient people! I think Excel Energy should print this out and mail it to our  neighbors to encourage them to be like us. 🙂

Just felt the need to brag a little. It’s been hard sometimes for me not to turn up the heater or to leave a light on but I’ve been working on it and it’s obviously paid off! Now to find other ways to save more!

One thought on “Day 244. Bragging on our energy efficiency

  1. seems odd thatg there would be a fee to pay with credit card — that is punishing another type of efficiency! anyway, WTG, efficient experts! xo

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