Day 245. Lego Movie, a quick review.

Yesterday Gene and I watched the Lego Movie. I knew a few people that had seen it and liked it, and I like Legos, so I wanted to go.

This movie was cute, cool, and inspiring.

The creators of this movie did such a great job at making a true Lego movie. Most of the environment was made out of Legos. The way the Lego men moved, the way the Lego horse moved, it was all so realistic. When the Master Builders were building things out of the Legos they showed the identification numbers of the pieces. The gun blasts were Lego pieces. The incorporation of Lego pieces was perfect for me.

The moral that I got out of the story was to follow your dreams and to create what is in your mind. It was heart warming and inspiring. We all have ideas and no matter how different they are from others’ ideas, they still hold some merit. I think everyone could learn from that.

The, what I would call, theme song of the movie, “Everything is Awesome”, was SUCH a great song. The moment I heard it in the beginning of the movie, I knew that I loved it. I couldn’t stop singing it afterward and even got Gene singing parts of it. I need to find the song and download it, it’s that awesome. 😉

The movie was not only cute and heartwarming but it was funny. I laughed a lot during it. The kids in the movie theater were laughing too so that made it even more enjoyable for me, knowing they were enjoying it too.

I liked the movie and its playful way of spreading the idea that everything in the world is awesome. Indeed Lego Movie, it is (except maybe the fact that Legos are too expensive, that’s not really awesome).

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