Day 246. Miscellaneous updates

Today my pre-ordered copy of Frozen arrived! I have already watched the bonus music video that some of the cast and crew of the movie made. I’m excited to be able to watch the movie whenever I want now. Well, maybe only when Gene isn’t in the room because I have a feeling he’s never going to want to watch it. 😉

My first week at work went pretty well. Yesterday I got to order office supplies and today I got to learn a bit about payroll. I just think it’s awesome that I’m getting to do things that I was never able to do at my previous job. I’m actually trusted at my new job and I haven’t even worked there for a full two weeks. It’s such a great feeling when people have faith in me.

I had dinner at my parents’ last night and my sister made me an awesome little skittles rainbow mason jar. I’ve already eaten most of the red skittles so it doesn’t look much like a rainbow now but it did and it was so cool!

My friend, Elisabeth, was fantastic enough to get me and our group beta keys for an online game we’ve been wanting to try out. So this weekend we’ll all be playing games for hours on end. I hope it’s a fun game!

So those are my quick updates for today. Wonder what will happen tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “Day 246. Miscellaneous updates

  1. oh, my…. it is a good feeling when they let you spend money on your very own stapler, your very own liquid paper! I’m HAPPY for a very deserving one!

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