A few of my favorite things · Post a Day 2013/2014

Day 247. A few of my favorite things

  1. HAIKU one-piece

    Haiku onesie: I saw the picture on the right on pinterest today and wanted to share. How funny and cute! If I ever need to buy a baby present for someone I’m going to try to get this. Well, as long as the mother has a sense of humor and is a nerd. I was so inspired by this photo that I wrote a quick haiku about it:

    A baby onesie,
    Usually very boring,
    This one is so cute.

  2. Everything is Awesome: This is the theme song for the Lego Movie. Even if you haven’t watched the movie you should watch the music video so you can hear the song. The one I linked to does not contain spoilers (as far as I can tell) so you’re good on that front. And why wouldn’t you want to listen to a song about everything being awesome? It’s so uplifting and happy! Everything is awesome!!

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