Day 248. This job is pretty nice

I’m coming to the end of my first two weeks at my new workplace. Although I have had my moments of overwhelming fear and anxiety, those moments have begun to diminish and I know I’ll rock this job. This is going to be a job where I will be challenged; where I can do great things and make differences in peoples’ lives. It’s a very exciting prospect, which helps to squash my fears. My creativity will be able to flow too. As you can tell, I’m optimistic about this new job.

It would be awesome if I’d be able to stay with Denver Public Schools for the rest of my career because the benefits are great. I don’t have to pay social security tax anymore because I’m part of a retirement pension plan, which, by the way, is going to be quite helpful when I retire. I have holidays off, I get a stipend for insurance, and I have room to grow.

Besides that, the random benefits of this job so far have been awesome. Last Friday I got a bagel for breakfast and Qdoba for lunch. This Monday I got another bagel for breakfast. Today I got pizza and garlic bread for lunch. I’ve also eaten some cookies.

So, my message to those of you out there with jobs you don’t love, or even like, know that you can get out of them. Maybe I won’t love this job forever, but right now it’s great. Everyone deserves to do something they enjoy. To go to a job they don’t dread. Don’t give up! This is your life, you should enjoy it, you only have one!

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