Day 250. Weekend happenings

2014-03-22 13.56.12Well I am feeling better than yesterday. My neck still hurts but otherwise I’m pretty much normal. Thank you nine hours of sleep and water for that.

A few days ago Gene bought us a new cutting board. We’ve been in need of one for a while now and he found a deal on so he snagged it. This morning we opened up the box and beheld our new, massive, cutting board.

It is made of bamboo and is quite thick. There are also three metal cups that fit in the board that can be used to put cut up vegetables, or any other food, into. They are easily removed so as to dump the contents into a pot or pan.

As of now it seems like a decent cutting board. I hope that it continues to be one for at least a couple of years.

2014-03-22 13.56.25
Look how thick this board is!

This morning I went to the Mayor’s Cabinet meeting that was held on the campus I will eventually be working on. I went to show support for the community that I will be assisting in growing. I had never been to a Mayor’s Cabinet meeting or even seen a mayor, that I’m aware of, so it was a very neat experience for me. From what I heard it seems that Denver’s government is working hard to improve the lives of children and adults in Denver. It made me even more excited to live here and to be part of that growth and improvement. Both Mayor Hancock and the cabinet members that gave presentations were intelligent and aware of problems facing the community.

Did you know that kids living in Denver ages 5 to 17 (maybe 18) can get a free My Denver Card that gets them into recreation centers for free? That means a kid can go swimming for free. And the card also acts as a library card for the Denver Public Libraries. That’s just so cool to me! I plan on mentioning that card to the people I work with on Monday to see if our schools are getting those cards in the students’ hands, because that should be happening.

And now it’s snowing outside, I’m under a warm blanket, and I’m going to relax the rest of the day. Happy Saturday!

One thought on “Day 250. Weekend happenings

  1. LOVE the cutting board! Chef quality – wow! And the mayor’s meeting sounded very interesting – I think you are really going to enjoy this job! YAY! Finally, and most important of all …so glad you are feeling better sweetheart. Stay warm.

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