Day 252. Gnats and their stupid little lives

My name is Lauren and I have a gnat problem. 😉

Recently the plants in my home have been a welcoming place for lots of gnats. It has been very annoying because I despise bugs, especially when they’re in my home. I do not want to be one of those people that live with bugs. Not only are they annoying but I kept finding them in my glass of water. So I looked into sprays and gnat catchers. I googled some ways of getting rid of them. And then I tried a couple of things.

I first put some banana peel into a jar and made some holes in the lid. Nothing.

Then one day I saw another gnat in my water. I decided that I might as well keep that glass out and add a bit of dish soap so if any more gnats go in they can’t get out. Then I tried some apple cider vinegar and dish soap, the number one recommended solution on WikiHow.

And do you know what? The water is the ONLY one that has caught gnats. The other two have caught nothing. My water has caught  8 gnats now. Although there are still some gnats flying around, I have noticed a drop in their numbers. It might also help that I haven’t watered my plants in over a week since I read their eggs are laid in the moist dirt.

So if anyone has a problem with gnats, stop watering your plants, and put out some water. It’s been working so far and it was free, I didn’t have to buy anything. Guess the internet doesn’t always know what it’s talking about.

2 thoughts on “Day 252. Gnats and their stupid little lives

  1. when you come visit, you need to buy this wonderful thing that i use to kill gnats. it’s basically an electrified tennis racket that’s made for swatting bugs out of the air! i’m sure it exists somewhere in america, but it’s pretty common here in korea bc of humid summers and having a seperate trash for food that often collects gnats.

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